Jesus Gomez Alegría. I dedicate myself since 1986 to the craft trade as an artistic metalist, when I finished the studies of goldsmithing in the School of Arts and Crafts and I registered in the Artisan Register of the Region of Murcia.

Since then, I have developed a craft activity in my workshop in Murcia, working different metals such as silver, copper, alpaca or brass; and investigating their behavior and oxidation on different chemical reactions, with analysis of persistence and durability, as well as their behavior by use and physical contact.

Among my techniques of elaboration we find the oxidation to the fire, the draft and embossing, the polycarbonate and the patina, with which I obtain colorful textures and finishing of the most diverse. The quality of these products is guaranteed, since the oxidation reaction is permanent, so there are no alterations that deteriorate or alter the product, allowing a subsequent restoration if necessary.

My pieces range from personal adornment accessories – bracelets, earrings, chokers, rings, brooches, hair pins, etc. – to decorative items – pictures, candlesticks, watches, reading points, napkin holders or candlesticks – Passing through the business gift. Since October 2016, I have been marketing my products under the trademark “TABIL“, guaranteed by the authenticity of the artisan process, as well as the exclusivity in the design and treatment of the material.

For the creativity and recognized trajectory I was awarded the grant of the Artisan Master’s Letter that was granted to me in 2012 by the Ministry of Universities, Companies and Research; And in 2017 the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia awarded me the “Mercury Prize” for my craft career.

But my facet as a craftsman is not only limited to production, since for several years I have been combining courses in Craft Centers, Cultural Centers, live demonstrations, attendance at conferences, fairs and other events. Also, since 2010 I have maintained a collaboration agreement with the School of Art of Murcia in order to carry out practical tutorials with young graduates and spread my knowledge in the field of artistic metalwork.